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how do I stop taking pristiq?

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16 Jun 2009

You should never stop taking Pristiq abruptly. If you need to stop taking Pristiq, you should do so under the supervision of your doctor and the dose should be reduced gradually (or by taking less frequently if the dose is one pill a day) to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

The withdrawal symptoms of Pristiq include dizziness, nausea, headache, irritability, insomnia, diarrhea, anxiety, fatigue, abnormal dreams, and sweating. The longer you have been taking Pristiq, the more likely you will be to have any of these symptoms. If any of these symptoms occur and are unbearable, your doctor will increase the dose of Pristiq, then gradually start reducing again. Good luck.

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don17097 7 Jul 2011

Since I am on the lowest dose of 50mg od how do I take less frequently?

shanihib 25 Sep 2011

I've wondered it myself. I'm also on the lowest dose. I figure I'll have to space out the pills? I have a meeting with my doctor this week to discuss weaning me off the meds.

14 Jan 2012

I quit pristiq over about a month to six weeks, after taking it for 3 months. I cut tablets in half, then quarters, taking half for a month, then quarter for two weeks, then quarter every second day for another two weeks. Was fine this way.
After 10 months, I am now looking at beginning pristiq again.

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Naz52 24 Jan 2012

I currently take 100mg pristiq and have been for almost 3 years now, I want to stop taking pristiq, My doctor proscribed it for anxiety, Going to the Dr. office is expensive. I went one day with out the pill and I was ok, that was yesterday, today I've had the with drawls and i just took a pill. I will try cutting the pill also, I use to have a 50mg pill in the beginning maybe i should start with cutting in half and so on. Still researching.

mile2102 12 Oct 2012

I agree with sholloway3.
That is the only way to reduse or eliminate the withdrawals.

14 Jan 2012

I agree strongly with robo. Never just stop taking Pristiq, or you will have horrible withdrawls from it. You have to taper down from it, like shalloway3 was saying. I did that once, and it was no walk in the park. I ended up missing it and getting back on Pristiq. I'm still taking it. Good luck to you, and take care. Ruth

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SusanO 4 Apr 2013

Ruth, I feel so sorry for you. If you are happy great! But that drug could be not so good for you. Some folks have to go on PROZAC to get off Pristiq. can you imagine? Blessings.

18 Apr 2012

Stop taking Pristiq very, very carefully especially if coming off 100mg tablets. I believe my doctor has very good professional credentials but he failed to mention the pitfalls of reducing Pristiq dosages to zero. Withdrawal symptoms are accurately described in the patient information so study them carefully and be prepared for the worse case scenario. I came off 100mg much too quickly and have been miserable for a week. I think I'm through the worst withdrawal symptoms but it has been a rocky road getting to this point. I am determined to exhaust all non-prescription treatments for depression before going back to Pristiq because getting off the drug is so difficult. I believe my depression is more of the seasonal variety (SAD) so my first line of defense when daylight decreases will be a lightbox and exercise.

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SusanO 4 Apr 2013

Go with the light box, also mirrors help if you have a desk away from a window, you can see the window over your back then. Chocolate, exercise can help and distraction. Definitely never take that Pristiq again. (If ever you have a notion to do anything legally against Pfizer/Wyeth, consider me, I am not a litigious person) I am so unhappy my MD failed to tell me the same. I am a health professional and should have known better. Curious, have you ever been able to stop the med? Are you OK? I am in the midst and have tried all sorts of things, mostly distraction helps. The noise and sensations in my brain are horrible, I will no doubt donate my brain to science someday and ask for a review of the damage this drug has permanently caused. I have reported it to the FDA and I suggest you and all others who suffer from this should do the same if they can.

10 Nov 2012

I believe I was a depressed baby! I am a 59 year old married mother of 5 and an RN. I started taking Prozac about 20 years ago. Worked wonders for my depression. About 5 years ago, my depression started getting worse and worse. To make it short, I started going to a nurse practitioner at that time. I have been on SO MANY different meds... alone and in combination with others. A couple of months ago I was on Lamictal, Celexa, Pristiq, Adderall, Ambien and Klonopin (prn)... I'm sure spelling is incorrect on some... but all these at the same time! NOTHING worked over a month or so at most. She kept adding and taking away. These are NOT the only meds she tried. I swear! There were times I thought I was going to die... and could very easily have done just that. After a horrible meltdown one Sunday, I started doing some research. I want to be off meds!! I started looking at ECT. I saw her that week and told her what I wanted.

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SusanO 4 Apr 2013

Wow, ECT? That is serious. But I am happy you are feeling better. I too feel t he same as you. PFIZER/ WYETH should be exposed for what they are. A class action law suit would be appropriate.

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