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Paracetamol Teva Questions

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Is TEVA brand clonazepam still a good brand?

Posted 13 May 2018 12 answers

I was taking Teva .5 mg back in 2012 then was switched to Qualitest who’s was kinda weak then to Actavis but now I am going back on Teva due to Actavis being indefinitely discontinued after Teva’s acquisition of Actavis pharmaceuticals. Wondering if anyone currently takes the Teva ...

Is Accord generic clonazepam awful for anyone else?

Posted 13 Jun 2018 by sjstuck99 19 answers

I have been on clonazepam .5 dosage for the past 2 years now. I had been taking the generic brand Teva, which worked amazing for me! However, for my past two prescription refills, I had been getting orange pills instead of my usual yellow ones. The bottle says that the manufacturer of these orange ...

Mallinckrodt Adderall vs. Teva/Barr Adderall (30 mg)?

Posted 7 days ago by thetooshay 2 answers

Does anyone else feel that adderall by Mallinckrodt is like taking a sugar pill? I don't feel anything but except tired unfocussed and cloudy. I do not think that this brand contains the same ingredients as my usual brand. Is anyone else experiencing this and know what I can do or if my doctor ...

Teva Klonopin discontinued?

Posted 19 Sep 2018 by ryanpatrick81 4 answers

Yes it's true. I went to my Pharmacy today and they said Teva is done - they bought out Actavis. My Pharmacy only has 230 pills left of theTeva brand. I have been on TeVa for 5 years now and I'm scared to go to another brand I have tried mylan which was the worst ever are there any other ...

Why is Teva Klonopin no longer available?

Posted 25 Jun 2018 by Twiggy1 2 answers

Klonopin manufactured by Teva is no longer available. I spoke with the manufacturer and they said they are now replacing it with Actavis. My pharmacy replaced Teva with Accord and Accord is not working. I have been on it for a month and it's like taking a sugar pill. It's as effective ...

What brand lamotrigine has the least side affects. Teva worked the best but not being produced help?

Posted 28 Sep 2018 by Michael4444 3 answers

Many brands of the generic made me dizzy and nauseous until I found the company Teva. Bad news, Teva stopped making the tablet and only makes the generic extended release and my insurance company doesn't cover it. They want $700 for a month supply. The tablets cost less than $10 for the same ...

Always took Teva 1 mg clonazepam and was switched to Actavis and I’m breaking out in a red itchy...

Posted 3 days ago by Brookline 1 answer

... rash on my face and I am hoarse and sneezing. Am I allergic to something in the Actavis brand? I am not sleeping. What should I do? Is there any company that is still making Teva clonazepam?

What is a light blue pill with Teva on one side and 3527 on the other?

Posted 1 Jun 2016 by Duke Sams 1 answer

Scored on the 3527 side also it is round

What is the difference between clonazepam by Sandoz & Actavis manufactures.

Posted 16 Aug 2018 by janice47 2 answers

I was switched to Teva clonazepam 0.5mg in 2017 and it worked OK and it was close to Sandoz (best), now it is no longer available. I am now on Actavis which seems to have a shorter duration. I'm in CA, USA. Does,anyone know what is going on with clonazepam generic drugs?

What I this pill with teva 3026 on the yellow pill?

Posted 13 Nov 2013 by tlmh68 1 answer

Name Brand Klonopin vs clonazepam?

Posted 29 Oct 2018 by Y37r 1 answer

What do you all think of this. I was prescribed clonazepam for panic attacks. Teva was the manufacturer I took for several year's. Up until Teva stopped making clonazepam. I was prescribed clonazepam few months ago made by Accord which didn't help the anxiety. My current prescription is ...

Who makes the Brand Name IR Adderall currently?

Posted 28 Aug 2016 by Juwatkin 4 answers

I know Shire was the originator, back in 1999 I believe and then Barr labs and teva currently are making generics which are as close to Brand Name you will get.

What is the pill that says TEVA on one side and 2003 on the other that is peach?

Posted 13 Feb 2018 by lauramae78 2 answers

small round and scored peach pill.

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