I have been on generic Adderall since 2017. The mfr, was Teva. My pharmacy changed their supplier to Camber, (without telling me). I asked the pharmacist about it because I noticed a Hugh change in my symptoms. It was like I wasn’t taking anything, my attitude has changed, I can’t get things done, I feel like I’m having meltdowns because I can’t get my stuff done. Depression is getting worse. Feeling very angry for no reason. It’s like my life went back to the way it was before Adderall. He told me it’s a price war on Adderall at the moment and he couldn’t change it because of corporate but that he did have others complaining about it too. I also noticed the name change on this, I am not taking the salts version, and when I asked my doctor about it, she says that she doesn’t have any way to change it. Does this sound correct to anyone else? I’m seriously seeing a big difference, enough that I’m having to take 3 pills a day, every day now(per my doctor, was taking 2 per every other day,) with little change in my attention/ symptoms. I don’t want more pills, just the one that worked for me. Any suggestions on this would be helpful.