Does anyone else feel that adderall by Mallinckrodt is like taking a sugar pill? I don't feel anything but except tired unfocussed and cloudy. I do not think that this brand contains the same ingredients as my usual brand. Is anyone else experiencing this and know what I can do or if my doctor will write me a new script?

I've been taking 30mg instant release adderall for years by the manufacturer Teva. They're orange and oval shaped. On 11/9/2018, I took my prescription to three different pharmacies and all had NONE in stock. I finally found one with adderall in stock but was informed that it is a different manufacturer. She told me it possesses the same ingredients and has the same effects but IT IS NOT. I received adderall from the manufacturer MALLINCKRODT and it is white and shaped like an octagon. I do not feel anything.