I'm an adult who has just started taking 10mg Adderall generics twice daily. I have only had my prescriptions filled twice so far. I see a lot of love for TEVA on this site, and a lot of disdain for Mallinckrodt. Here is my experience. My first ever fill was for Mallinckrodt, and it worked well for me. This was my first ever experience with Amphetimines/Adderall/etc. I felt that it was doing what it's advertised... increased focus and attention... boost of productivity... I was fired up to work, be productive, etc. whole new me. I did have occasional heart racing feeling, and occasional dizziness. I'm not sure if this was because Mallinckrodt is "bad" like I've seen a lot on this site, or if those side effects are going to be normal for me overall.

My second prescription to be filled was for Zydus, which I haven't seen so much info for on this site. These feel like nothing to me. It's almost no change to my focus etc. maybe a tad little boost of energy, on par with having a cup of weak tea. It's night and day difference vs the Mallinckrodt. I guess I'd like to ask 3 things:

1. Mallinckrodt didn't seem so bad to me, albeit I had no frame of reference. The positive effects felt like Imagined they should, and the side effects were pretty minor. So, should I seek out TEVA and see the difference, or stick with Mallinckrodt as it's what's at my normal pharmacy? Is TEVA really very much better, worth screwing around trying to find it?

2. Anybody want to weigh in on Zydus? I feel like I'm taking the placebo here... I wish I could just trade them in, but I know that's not an option. I'm going to have to wait until my next refill, but at that point I'd like to be in a position to make a smart decision on which generic I take.

3. Is the Adderall name brand THAT much more expensive or hard to get? I feel like I should try it if I can to get the real effect so I can judge these generics against the original recipe instead of against each other.

Any advice?

Thank you!