I recently moved back to mi and had to change my psychiatrist, long story short I filled my Adderall prescription at rite aid (instead) and was given instead of my generic amphetamine salts I was used to for years I was instead given something called dextroamphetamine and the manufacturer is Mallinckrodt. I immediately felt terrible, I haven’t been able to go an hour without being unbelievably nauseous, irritable, reclusive, unhappy, unmotivated and extremely tired. I feel as if my tolerance has gone up; it hasn’t but this medication has an immense amount of negative side effects on me. My question is. A. Did my doctor prescribe these specifically or was it the pharmacy and b. When my prescription comes due to be refilled which is soon do I have to specifically ask my doctor for a different medication or do I have to just go to a different pharmacy? Do I have to speak to a pharmacist myself? I just don’t know how to go about getting off these pills. I really need to know what to do?