I have taken clonazepam for 12 years for my tinnitus. My doctor has always prescribed Mylan but it was discontinued last year. When I refilled, I was given Accord and had 5 weeks of no sleep, racing heart, and other horrible effects. I told my doctor and she prescribed Actavis which I used for about 6 weeks. When I went to refill, I was told THAT was discontinued and they gave me Teva USA. So I've been using that for about a week now and find I am not able to sleep again, having the same side effects as the Accord brand. I don't know what to do... in 6 months have used 4 different brands. I wish I did not have to use the stuff at all but I need to be able to sleep. Have used behavioral techniques, sound machines, and that helps but I really need meds to sleep. Would like to know what others think.