1. Talking to TEVA about this has not been helpful.
2. I take 200mg of TEVA trazodone at bedtime and it has always helped me sleep.
3. Now TEVA has changed their 100mg trazodone to make it flatter.
4. I take the same 200mg of the new tablet and I have restless sleep and wild dreams.
5. I have to add a very small amount from another tablet to this 200mg that I take to stop sleep
6. I don't know why I am having this problem.
7. I believe the TEVA formula has changed.
8. I tried another generic 200mg of trazodone and I have sleep problem with that.
9. Nothing has changed in my life to cause this problem with trazodone.
10. What can I do about this problem with trazodone?
11. I am very dependent on trazodone and I go into withdrawal by just taking off a small amount.
12. I have been taking this med for about 8 years and I regret ever starting it because of the dependence.