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Night Terrors Questions

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Is there anything out there other than benzos that help with panic attacks and depression?

Posted 17 Nov 2010 by marsha79 14 answers

I have been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety(some depression as well)for 20 + years. I have been diagnosed with major depression,bi-polar disorder,panic disorder,adhd,and generalized anxiety disorder over the last 20 + years.I have been prescribed xanax,tofranil,welbutrin,paxil,effexor and ...

Viibryd - Nightmares/Night Terrors?

Posted 14 Oct 2013 by yanksgrl827 17 answers

Have any of you that are doing well on Viibryd experienced any night terrors? My doctor switched me from Lexapro 20mg to Viibryd. Around my 4th week of taking starter pack, I missed a dose while on vacation (completely slipped my mind with all of the running around). That night I had horrible, ...

How long can a 2mg clonazepam be in a cabinet and still be good?

Posted 18 Aug 2011 by nascar88 3 answers

I had been on 2mg precription for some time and early this year he lowered my dosage to 1mg, which means I'm getting some better, and I took a 2mg that I have in the cabinet because of running out of my 1mg due to some undue stress and causing me to run out of my 1mg perscription 2 days early. ...

I cant find a dr who will prescribe me valium symptoms anxiety my nightmares and leg cramps?

Posted 20 Jan 2012 by rodie48 6 answers

I have to use a night cap otherwise my anxiety levels and stress will not allow me to sleep then the dr says he wont prescribe valium because of the alcohol. I wont need a drink if I had a valium and I would never risk mixing yhe two. I have had a lot of physical and emotional trama this last 3 ...

Has anyone has problems with night terrors?

Posted 25 Aug 2009 by xbmwownr 14 answers

I am a DAV/Ret. Marine, I served 22yrs and Retired in Jan04. I was diagnosed with, PTSD,Bipolar Disorder(borderline personality disorder),Major Depression,Social Anxiety,and Panic Attacks. My problem is, I did not go to Iraq because of Heart Disease but still, to this day, even last night, I, still ...

Opiate Withdrawal - Does anyone have unexpained pains and symptoms months after quitting oxycontin,?

Posted 11 Mar 2011 by navarone38 4 answers

... ms-contin? I was on Oxycontin (80mg/30tabs/day), MS-contin (60mg/24tabs/day), Diazepam (8mg/4tabs/day), Ativan Sub (2mg/4tabs/day), Gabepetanin (400mg/4caps/day) for 6 years. I quit cold-turkey October 2010. Had 3 weeks of severe withdrawal (cold sweats, burning hot, paranoid, insomnia, ...

Why are Drs. so loath to prescribe valium anymore? It has been a lifesver for my anxiety, etc?

Posted 20 Jan 2010 by beckisu92 3 answers

Have several conditions resolved by taking valium. 5-10 mgs on & off for 15 years. All of a sudden, my pain Dr. and reg Dr's offices will not prescribe valium for anyone! "They no longer prescribe valium."-a direct quote! Ativan acted just like busbar-they will prescibe those or ...

Hey there people I have been perscibed klonopin ativan valium xanax temazapam serax?

Posted 18 Oct 2010 8 answers

i have sever mental issues with anxiety and leaving my house could all you fine folks give me your opinon on with medication they find to be the best right now im steady on 3 xanax bars a day it seems to be helping but i would like some other opinons

Hi all, my daughter sleep walks!! She had night terrors as a wee one, but now she has bizarre?

Posted 15 Apr 2011 12 answers

epidsodes of awakening in odd places! She went to Mexico and awoke in the lobby of the hotel at 5 am, totally lucid. Yet she does not recall how she got there! HELP, anyone with experience with this? Thank you all in advance. sweetlemon

On 10mg Valium built a tolerance is there anything stronger I cant take xanax or klonopin?

Posted 30 Oct 2011 by samantha2422 6 answers

i been on 10mgs of Valium 3x a day i dont know if theres anything they can give me stronger been on Valium for 8 moths i have very sever anxiety and probs so they want to keep me on a benzo but im building a tolerance its like im not even taking it (but i still feel alil of it the voices are still ...

I am a recovering alcholic and I have the worst anxiety, depression and OCD. My doctor has me on?

Posted 1 Jul 2010 by Hitman23 7 answers

... 200mg zoloft, 2mg of klonopin and I also take suboxone cause I did mess with O/C's, but it helps with cravings for alcohol and keeps me honest with the opaites.. I want to get off the suboxone but my theripist thinks its to early. I'm down to 4mg suboxone a day. The problem is that i ...

Has any experience nightmares as a side effect of taking Topamax?

Posted 1 Oct 2009 by Smartchick73 6 answers

I've been on Topamax since March 2009 and in the past few weeks (maybe 4-5) I've been having nightmares, not just bad dreams, but night terrors... really horrible stuff. I had a routine visit with my doctor on Monday and he cut my night time Topamax dosage back a little because he thinks ...

Clonazepam - I am totally addicted to 6 mg/day of clonazapam my doctor said and I would never be?

Posted 6 Jun 2012 by 123becku 5 answers

... able to stop them because of that. I have been taking them 32 years. I don't think they help me any more, and they are a marker whenever I go to a doctor or emergency with panic attacks and severe anxiety that I am a druggy

Has anyone found a med that works for night terrors?

Posted 22 Sep 2010 by manicbaby123 6 answers

Hi, my name is "manicbaby123", I'm 38 yrs. old, & brand new to this whole posting questions thing. :) lol so please be patient with me. I have suffered from night terrors, nightmares and vivid dreaming almost all my life. Trazodone used to help with them, by putting me in a deep ...

I have just been perscribed Clonazepam?

Posted 18 Feb 2010 by alana.js 7 answers

I have just been persribed Clonazepam and took my first dose today at lunch time. For about 10 minutes I experienced intense sysptoms of hallucinations and according to my partner 'Said stange things'. I then fell asleep virtually comatose for a few hours, and could not be woken even when ...

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