I had been on 2mg precription for some time and early this year he lowered my dosage to 1mg, which means I'm getting some better, and I took a 2mg that I have in the cabinet because of running out of my 1mg due to some undue stress and causing me to run out of my 1mg perscription 2 days early. It did not calm me at all. If anything it made me either more anxious or just maybe didn't work at all. I have since then gotten my 1mg refilled and it works like it is suppose to. Calms me down within minutes of taking it or it keeps me from getting overly upset about unneccesary issues. The 2mg if it were still good should have out me to sleep compared to how the 1mg does me. I am basically asking how long do they last inside a medicine bottle in a cabinet at room temperture before going completely null and void of working to calm me down? I guess I'm just trying to figure out how long I've had them in the cabinet. I realize I will destroy them and get rid of them because they did not work at all. If anything they might have made me even more upset because I had no control of my emotions when I took it. To the point of having a panic attack which I have not had one in over two years. There's the reason my dr dropped my dosage back to 1mg. Is that even posssible or is it just in my head? I didn't take anything else with it either, before you ask? And I will not be taking anymore of them I just really need to know if I'm right or wrong about this for my own sake, I hate to know that the issue I had to face was just so bad nothing was going to keep me from havig a panic attack. My biggest fear is them and the night terrors starting again. Thank you for your time and sorry I put so much detail into what I'm sure you'll find as a simple question. But this matters to me. I can't remember when I put them in the cabinet and that seems to be bothering me more than it should. Thank you again for you time and consideration for answering me. I will greatly appreiciate it.

Thanks again,