I've been on trazodone for about 8 years. I believe I started on about 50mg. I've gradually increased to 400mg at night. Its strictly for sleep as I'm an insomniac. It used to work really well. Then I started to build a tolerance to it, at 1 point I was taking 700mg a night and in a 72hr period I took 2800mg it was horrible and I was still up for about 4 days. I gradually went back to my normal dose after my doctor prescribed me Ambien to go with it. So I was taking both then within the last few months I got a job and was a lot busier and was tired. So I kept taking the Ambien and decreased the trazodone. Then about 3 or so months ago I started having horrible, like life changing nightmares and night terrors. I am literally so scared of falling asleep. But if I force myself to stay awake when I finally go to sleep I end up not taking anything but then I start hallucinating and coming delusional. So I kinda stopped the trazodone at the most a quarter/ half sometimes 1 whole one but nothing more then the nightmares come back or the night terrors. I have literally almost called the police and EMS I get so scared and need help but they'll either blow it off or admit me to psych. About 3 days ago I got so scared I called my mother at 3am (I'm 37 years old now) and she had to drive to my house and sleep in my bed so she could wake me up frequently. So I have tried to not take the trazodone but some nights I just don't have a choice because the Ambien isn't enough. My doctor put me on prazosin a few days ago I had 1 good night then I flipped out again last night and called my mother at 2am I was so scared but she just talked to me and we hung up and I went back to the nightmares. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this. Is this normal. I've researched this so much with absolutely no answers. Please help.