I have been on 3MG requip at hs for about 3 YRS for RLS. I also have severe CRPS (diagnosed 2010) of both my legs had a MEDTRONICS UNIT put in (2013) and then taken out. It never worked and had to use meds also. I got very ill from a new pain medication and lost so much weight my MEDTRONICS UNIT started to come thru my skin and had to have it removed. I went to the CCF PAIN MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT where they removed the MEDTRONICS UNIT and talked me into a new device called THE DRG IMPLANT. It has been in me since October 11th, 2016 and I haven't slept more than 2 hours a night since then. CCF PAIN MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT does not believe in giving pain medication to anyone and this unit is causing my restlss legs to start every morning and not stop no matter what adjustment is made to my unit. Henceforth, my Requip was increased to 6mg every day. Although I did need to gain some weight, 25 pounds since my Requip was increased was a bit much. The CRPS in my right leg is from a knee replacement done in 2010 that I have suffered severe pain with every day since having the surgery done. 25 additional pounds is alot of weight for my already shot knee to bear, plus the fact that the Requip has increased my RLS 200%. DO YOU HONESTLY THINK ANYONE IN THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY CARES? I HONESTLY DO NOT SEE ANY LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL ANYMORE.