I would like to find out how many here on lyrica are gaining weight. I have seen multiple sites on the internet with people gaining tons of weight, some saying they were even eating less, exercising more. Although it helped the pain some could not take the weight. I am an above knee amputee and have used a wheelchair for 13 years so it's even harder for me.I've endured 68 operations, 23 broken bones. Had 2 catastrophic accidents. Have tried 40 different medications for phantom limb pain. I will be trying a spinal cord stimulator soon. I eat so little as it is 500-650 calories a day. I can;t eat any less then that. Prior to starting lyrica 6 weeks ago I have also been taking methadone for my pain for 10 years and I have also seen multiple sites where people have gained tons of weight on that drug. The lyrica yes but the methadone surprised me. One construction worker gained 100 lbs in one year. What do you think about lyrica? Has anyone maintained, lost or gained and had anyone gained while eating the same or less? Also what about topamax. I know it can cause weight loss. Lyrica has helped my pain unbelievably but I don't want the weight gain.l It would be harder for me because I can't walk so my activity is less. Like I don't do extra stuff like shovel snow, rake leaves, sweep. I am totally independent and motivated. Work out on my total gym but don't have much energy when I have to eat so little to maintain my weight. This question has gotten pretty long. Thanks