Despite what drug info says, I know that I have gained significant weight on requip. As much as 30 lbs in 4 months. I suffer from bone-on-bone osteoarthritis of both knees as well as life aktering RLS. The weight gain makes my knees hurt more. What a catch 22. I take 2 mg three t ines a day of requip and Norco 10mg every 6 hrs gor chronic pain. Neither med is holding back horrible leg pain that feels as if my bones are pulling away from the muscles and the fibers and tendons are bursting thru the skin. Been going on for about 3 months now. I did just begin IV Iron infusions for 4 weeks due to extremely low iron levels. My neurologist tells me my iron level should be 50. It was a 4. This iron should help my symptoms, I hope.

Also found out that the Abilify I had been taking for depression was essentially BLOCKING my Requip benefit.

Guess I'm asking for any input from any of you related to same.