I have had Restless Leg Syndrome for years now. I am on Requip and the dosage has to keep going up every 12-18 months. The insomnia from this is killing me I am going to collapse one of these days. I kick my legs, rub them and nothing helps not even hot baths. I have paced the floors night after night to no avail, I am on the second floor now so I have to stop that so not to disturb my neighbors as I am not light, I am overweight and sometimes wondered if that caused this but that was ruled out of my mind as this happened when I was thinner too. Anyone have any ideas that I can try, at this point I will try anything I would love to be able to sleep again. I have tried mixing Ativan with the Requip but that only helped for a short time, I am still taking the Ativan 2mg at night for anxiety attacks though. I can't take it, I love sitting at the computer talking to you folks but I would like to sleep once in awhile too. My poor husband has been so patient with this but it is not fair to him, he worries about me not sleeping. My cats even cry out for me in the bedroom when they sleep with my husband which wakes him up. I am only 42 and these health issues are driving me insane!!! HELP SOMEONE!