Taking very low dose less than 25 mg. Initially too groggy next day so stopped. Decided to give another try due to insomnia. Also depression. Started with even lower dose, titrating up slowly. Less grogginess but after a few days less effective for sleep so kept increasing very gradually. After 10 days started getting weird, agitated, anxious, foggy (not quite groggy), almost zombie-like feelings throughout the day. Some short periods of mild dizziness. Also vacillating between days of increased agitation/anxiety/depression/lethargy, and some days of feeling modestly better - unpredictably. I've heard that many anti-depressants have similar side effects initially which wear off over time. So I decided to try to push through this period - it's now been 3 weeks and continuing (no longer increasing dose,still just under 25 mg). How much time should I give it? Any thoughts? By the way, I am very hypersensitive to anti-depressants and even supplements with anti-depressant activity, can't take them - similar side effects as described but much more intense.