I find that clonazepam, depending on which brand is prescribed gives me different effects. TEVA/Barr's disintegrating tabs used to be my favorite because they provided more general comfort in regards to panic, and a lot better for depersonalization relief, on the other hand, PAR's ODTs caused me to feel a little nauseous and overwhelmed with how it hit me, almost dirtier feeling and aggressive within about an hour, and short-lived, while TEVA's current tablets seem to sometimes cause chest pains the next day as well as not feeling like they always work with little medicinal benefits, or just not always distinguishable in effects and/or negatives, SUN Pharma's ODT would feel alright except it didn't provide the same level of comfort as the TEVA/Barr ODTs, and caused some dizziness. Now I'm taking Accord, which seems to be less sedating than TEVA or some other brands but provides a more quicker GAD relief than TEVA; SUN and TEVA take hours to feel anything, while PAR and Accord seem to work faster, except Accord is closer to SUN in that it provides a more generalized relief in some ways, but all of them seem to have mixed benefits and negatives; every clonazepam lowkey is almost like taking a different benzodiazepine all together. I'd say Accord's effects are maybe a mix of all of the above without very distinguishable negatives so far. With my experience, I may stick with Accord, since it doesn't cause anything too unfamiliar that would worsen my anxiety and panic attacks, while still taking into account the possible side effects of it being a different brand.

What brand do you take and why?

Thank you.