Have several conditions resolved by taking valium. 5-10 mgs on & off for 15 years. All of a sudden, my pain Dr. and reg Dr's offices will not prescribe valium for anyone! "They no longer prescribe valium."-a direct quote! Ativan acted just like busbar-they will prescibe those or klonopin. I am confused-something about how long valium stays in your system. Have taken xanax with awful side effects, the ativan didn't help with anxiety, and I could not function-even leave my room-while taking it. Valium really helped with muscle spasms-not so with ativan or buspar. Both of the latter meds acted the same on me-no help at all! I have never abused valium, and have had refills expire. My regular Dr. woul give me 6 mos. of refills; when I was transferred to a pain management specialist, they gave me 3 mos. of refills. Since 30 tabs lasted about 3 mos. my refills would expire. (No-was NOT getting valium from 2 sources-specialist prescribed after my regular Dr. referred me-my refills had expired; I do not Dr. shop or divert.) So what is the big problem with valium, and why are klonopin/ativan preferred all of a sudden? Now the pain specialist office won't even see people who take valium! Is there something I've missed? The FDA site has valium still approved with a 10+ rating. Suicidal thoughts not mentioned except as an afterthought, rare&unusual side effect. Klonopin and all of the SSRI's have that warning right at the top. The only side effect I've had from valium is minor constipation-easily resolved, as I do not take anti-constipation meds on a regular (no pun intended) basis. So what is the problem with valium? It is so inexpensive and treats a number of conditions, from anxiety to muscle spasm, nightmares, tremors, PMS, menopausal mood swings, agoraphobia, major stress (bad for heart-I'm 50 yrs old w/ family history of heart attacks at a young age), sleep disorders, and more. So, instead of one inexpensive occasional 5-10mg valium, I would now have to take -muscle relaxer (robaxin-makes me uncoordinated, xanaflex-totally wiped me out& my eyes would be 'pasted shut' when I awoke), ambien (or seroquel) for sleep, klonopin (which I do not tolerate well, it makes me looney-dead in the head-can't drive,etc.) and probably laxatives as all of these meds can cause constipation. I'm sure they will want to try yet ANOTHER anti-depressant. (The new expensive ones-hello pharmaceutical lobbiests/DEA are now in my Drs. office.) Oh the valium also helps with paranoia-I think, also Pharm reps-I know one personally-do not give docs all the info. They get bonuses, and some Drs. get kickbacks for prescribing the newer, expensive meds. (No paranoia here-direct quote from the rep.) So, after venting-thank you- my question still remains-why are Drs. choosing(?) to no longer prescribe valium? (Also propoxyphene-approved since 1957). Any info would be helpful- thanks!