I have been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety(some depression as well)for 20 + years. I have been diagnosed with major depression,bi-polar disorder,panic disorder,adhd,and generalized anxiety disorder over the last 20 + years.I have been prescribed xanax,tofranil,welbutrin,paxil,effexor and lastly klonopin.The only thing that ever seemed to help me was the klonopin(2mg 3 times a day) with an anti-depressant.The only problem was the klonopin ended up putting me in rehab(highly addictive).After getting clean and sober the anxiety of course returned with a vengence.I have(over the last 8 months)been put on welbutrin,effexor,celexa,lexapro,buspar,luvox,atirax.None of these drugs did anything but make me feel paranoid and crazy!Buspar is useless,atirax as well.I honestly think that ssri drugs are useless for anxiety treatment,in fact in my case the condition got horribly worse!The only thing that has ever healped is te benzos.There has to be something out there other than a benzo that works.I am at my absolute wits end.Anyone got ant ideas???