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Mavyret Questions

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Does Mavyret cure hep C (HCV)? What is the success rate?

Can you drink alcohol while taking Mavyret?

How much does Mavyret cost?

How long is Mavyret treatment?

Can you take antibiotics with Mavyret?

What antibiotics can you take when you have hepatitis?

What are the new drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C?

Does Mavyret cause itching?

What types of Hepatitis C does Mavyret treat?

Mavyret - Can I switch my dose time?

I just started my mavyret treatment On day 3. Can I switch from morning to evening dosing so I can sleep through the side effects that come after my initial dose?

Mavyret - Does anyone take marijuana with their medication?

I'm 62 years old and stage two with Hepatitis C. I will be starting the treatment in a few days .

Am I going to gain weight on Mavyret and is my hair going to fall out?

I start my treatment Thursday and I'm wondering if I'm going to lose my hair and if its going to cause me to gain weight? Will I be extremely tired and sleep a lot? Did anyone feel paranoid on this medication?

Mavyret - what is the best time to take it?

I have just picked up my 4 week doses and I am a little nervous as I have had brain surgery so the headaches and fatigue is what scares me. I work a normal 7-4 job, I’m 27 and in pretty good health. Would it be best for me to take it at dinner time? This gives me the chance to sleep through... read more

Mavyret - Does it weaken your immune system?

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