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Colonoscopy Questions


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How bad is a spinal tap or lumbar puncture?

Posted 15 Nov 2012 by sara12345 13 answers

Especially interested in anyone who wasn't sedated. I've been awake for my endoscopy and colonoscopy with sedation which everyone else doesn't remember. I'm scheduled for one and am told that I will be given some mild sedation. But I'm a bit nervous, especially since ...

Why does Propofol burn SO bad when injected?

Posted 7 Aug 2013 by Rixiesmom 16 answers

I went for a colonoscopy yesterday. All I can remember is screaming because of the horrific pain at the Propofol insertion site. The Dr. Told me there would be " a little burning"! Had I not fallen asleep I would have pulled the line out. I am not a baby with no pain tolerance, but this ...

Does Methocarbamol contain aspirin, ibuprofen, or Naproxen?

Posted 26 Jan 2013 by Vicky Evans 2 answers

I take one methocarbamol 750 mg nightly for leg cramps ("charlie horses"). I have to have a colonoscopy soon and I am to stop taking any drug that contains any of the above medications a week before.

If I am passing clear liquid at 8pm after first dose of suprep at 6pm, do I have to take second dose

Posted 31 Jan 2017 by Soliver3r 1 answer

... at 4am before procedure at 10am?

Quick answer, please. How close can 2nd dose of Suprep be?

Posted 21 Oct 2016 by Nmttx 1 answer

I was suppose to take my Suprep at 5:00pm then 10:00pm. But, it took me 2.5 hours to drink the first dose. Is it OK to take the 2nd dose? Also how long before your colonoscopy do you have to be finished drinking? Thank you

No time for ingestion indicated on vial?

Posted 5 days ago by chui 0 answers

was pre-scribed as part of prep for colonoscopy, should I take it before starting to drinking the wash and how long before. Thank you.

Suprep - Can I drink water the morning of my colonoscopy?

Posted 17 Apr 2017 by WaitingForItToBeOver 0 answers

Procedure is at 9 and I'm thirsty but directions don't say if I can drink liquids up to procedure time.

Is it safe to have a EGD/Colonoscopy 2 days after I had a cerebral angiogram?

Posted 17 May 2017 by Rwatson123 0 answers

I had 3 brain aneurysms 2 years ago and had surgeries to eliminate them, including a craintiotomy. I had my yearly angiogram yesterday and inadvertently scheduled the colonoscopy tomorrow. I know I should avoid strain and lifting due to the femoral artery being used for entrance. Is this safe to ...

Suprep - Is there pills we can take instead of this nasty tasting liquid. The last sip I had to spit

Posted 20 Mar 2017 by Brewster66 0 answers

... it out or throw the whole thing up... This is my first and last colonoscopy. Unless they come up with something different

I ate regular meals and spinach pie can I still take suprep bowel prep kit?

Posted 21 Feb 2017 by 123missions 0 answers

I am scheduled for a colonoscopy for Tuesday, February 21 and I ate a regular meals and spinach pie, can I still take suprep bowel prep kit?

What is the common drug used to induce anesthesia for colonoscopy?

Posted 26 Apr 2017 by Lorce 0 answers

Begins with 'pro-'...

Pantoprazole results?

Posted 6 Apr 2017 by donnalu46 2 answers

My GI Dr gave me this med for stomach pain, abdominal area is enormous and hard and sensitive to pressure most of the time. After colonoscopy, endoscopy and CT scan, he said there was a little erosion and dx GERD. I don't have heartburn or reflux and I took this for several weeks with no ...

I took Suprep two days ago and still have diarrhea. Should I be concerned?

Posted 3 Feb 2017 by Kchristlieb 1 answer

I had my colonoscopy yesterday morning at 7 but every time since then when I eat I have diarrhea. It is now 10 pm the day after the procedure. What should I do?

I am dependent on enemas. I won't take laxitives. Any suggetions please?

Posted 9 Apr 2017 by lookinghard4 0 answers

i had a colonoscopy doctor said i have a slow bowel and I will not take laxatives. Now I am dependent on enemas. I have tried all the suggestions on diet and everything the doctor said and if nothing works use the enemas?

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