I've always had low/normal blood pressure (110/70). Four days ago I had a colonoscopy and the night before I had to drink Moviprep. I could barely tolerate the saltiness of that stuff! Well, I was fine until last night when I started feeling weak and a little ill. I decided to take my blood pressure and it was 147/85. I continued to check it periodically over an hour and it kept going up. I thought maybe my B/P monitor was wrong, so I went to the fire station around the corner and had them take it. It was 150/106. I have had a lot of doctors appointments lately for an unrelated issue and my B/P has always been its normal level at each visit. I've been told to just check it for a few days but I can't help worrying, which of course isn't helping matters. I feel that there must be some explanation for this sudden rise. I didn't find blood pressure listed as a typical potential side affect of Moviprep, but it was LOADED with sodium. I've been trying to drink plenty of water to flush it out of my system - if its even still in my system. Anybody know anything about this?