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Quick answer, please. How close can 2nd dose of Suprep be?

I was suppose to take my Suprep at 5:00pm then 10:00pm. But, it took me 2.5 hours to drink the first dose. Is it OK to take the 2nd dose? Also how long before your colonoscopy do you have to be finished drinking? Thank you

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Jan 4, 2019.

Official Answer


Still take the second dose at 10pm. If you start to feel nauseous take a break of around half an hour in between sips. A ginger hard candy or lemon slice may be helpful. Some find drinking it cold and through a straw helpful, and others mix it with a sports drink or powdered drinks mix.

The second dose needs to be taken around 6 hours before the procedure.

For a colonoscopy to be successful emptying the contents of the colon is very important.

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