So I have a Colonoscopy + an Endoscopy scheduled for the 22nd of March. However, I wasn't given much information and I'm freaking out because I've heard scary things about preps and being concious with the sedation they give you for the procedure. My anxiety is through the roof and I have no idea who to contact about this for questions so I'm hoping to get as much answers as possible here. The lady did tell me to buy a specific prep from their website, but I believe it requires MiraLax and Dulcolax ? I'm not sure why they ask you to take both.. nor why it asks to take it the morning of the procedure as well. wouldn't that make you have to use the bathroom during the procedure? It all confuses me and I'm very scared that this prep will make me nauseous and sick so it's honestly making me consider canceling the whole thing. I'm only 20 years old but I've lost over 100lbs due to not eating because of pain with certain foods and so I feel like this procedure is something that needs to be done. I know that they also mentioned I will be deeply sedated? but at the same time, awake.. the thought of knowing what's going on while they do it and feeling any discomfort whatsoever makes me feel sick to my stomach. I've heard that they use Propofol for deep sedation and that specifically puts you to sleep so why would they tell me I'd be awake unless they were going to use a lighter sedation? I'm honestly really not sure what's going to happen.. I would ask these questions to a professional but again, we are unsure as to who I can speak to about this since we can't really get in contact with the doctor. I would appreciate any answers. Thank you.