I have a colonoscopy this morning at 9am. I did the prep and had to miss my nighttime dose of Klonopin (1mg) because I had to take the awful prep drink. I went to bed around 1am... and laid there with heart palpitations and panic until 3am. Because I'd be taking my morning dose of Klonopin (0.5mg) at 5:45am anyway, I just took my 1mg of Klonopin (now at 3am) and will call that my morning dose and not take the next one till my nighttime usual time.
So... as some of you already know, missing even as little as 1mg can make you go a little bonkers. Are heart palpitations - heart beating so fast you think you are either going to vomit or die - normal for missing a 1mg dose after three or four hours?

I'm so tired of this Klonopin crap. I titrated down by 1/2mg, went through horrible withdrawal that I wouldn't wish on anyone... and... ironically... that is when my GI issues really became severe, so severe that I've been in the ER three times this year for constipation and the past 2 weeks have been either to the ER or calling emergency on-call doctors and getting suppositories or laxatives. Now, finally, they are doing a colonoscopy tomorrow. My worst fear, sadly, is them finding nothing wrong.

Could it be that the Klonopin has done this?
Anyone have experience with extreme bowel failure when titrating?

thanks in advance.