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Quick answer, please. How close can 2nd dose of Suprep be?

I was suppose to take my Suprep at 5:00pm then 10:00pm. But, it took me 2.5 hours to drink the first dose. Is it OK to take the 2nd dose? Also how long before your colonoscopy do you have to be finished drinking? Thank you

Suprep - Can I start the prep earlier?

What is the difference between Clenpiq and Prepopik?

What is the difference between Plenvu and MoviPrep?

How do you take Plenvu for colonoscopy preparation?

There is a FDA petition to get Miralax off the market. What can you share about the side effects?

... listed and the serious problems that have been reported to the FDA for the last ten years without an action, even though the FDA came out and warned in 2011 that neuropshychiatric events were possible. Three or more children have died from seizures from this? Is this safe for children since it... read more

My son, who will be 4 in September, suffers from chronic constipation. If he misses even a single?

... dose of MiraLax, he gets constipated. Foods that are supposed to be a natural laxitive (prunes, apple juice, etc.) do not help. I have tried everything I can think of. We do not even know what caused this very sudden condition (he was severely impacted and we did not know). The doctors for the... read more

MiraLax - Anxious for my Colonoscopy?

So I have a Colonoscopy + an Endoscopy scheduled for the 22nd of March. However, I wasn't given much information and I'm freaking out because I've heard scary things about preps and being concious with the sedation they give you for the procedure. My anxiety is through the roof and I... read more

When does Suprep NOT work?

i am a 52 yo female, having my first colonoscopy. i have had problems with constipation and i also have gastro paresis. According to gastro dr, this is normal. Anyways, i just did round one of the prep about 1.5 hrs ago, and nothing. i have been on milk of magnesia(3tblsp) for the last week.and it... read more

If I am passing clear liquid at 8pm after first dose of suprep at 6pm, do I have to take second dose

... at 4am before procedure at 10am?

Suprep - Threw up 30 minutes after?

I got the nasty stuff down with a straw, chased with the next cup of water. Less than 30 minutes, threw it up. Did any have a chance to make it through the stomach, or is it a total loss? Doctor called back, said maybe more got through, so see if any activity... Maybe I drank the water too fast...

Bowel Preparation - I took 1st dose of Suprep almost 4 hrs ago & have had 1 regular bowel move-?

... ment, certainly not what I should have had. I take a 2nd dose at 4 AM but this doesn't seem right. Anyone have any advice? Colonoscopy is at 8 AM CST

Will miralax keep if you have already pre-mixed with beverage. Doctor cancelled colonoscopy today?

... that was scheduled for Monday. Would it keep say for a week or so or should a new batch be mixed

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