... dose of MiraLax, he gets constipated. Foods that are supposed to be a natural laxitive (prunes, apple juice, etc.) do not help. I have tried everything I can think of. We do not even know what caused this very sudden condition (he was severely impacted and we did not know). The doctors for the past two years have not been any help. I am very concerned for his overall health. His current diagnosis is failure to thrive because he is not gaining any weight (he still wears a size 18 month shorts). He has had two upper/lower GIs, 3 barrium swallows, and various x-rays but that is all the testing that has been done to see what could be causing this condition. It is as if whatever I feed up stops him up. I don't know what else to try until we can find the answer to his underlying condition.Does any one have any suggestions on what I can try to keep him regular without having to use such a high dose of laxitive every day? He is currently taking adult doses and has been for the past two years. Please... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.