I would appreciate ANY stories from Claritin users who have experienced pschological changes, mood swings, or depression while using the medication.

While on Claritin I become temperamental and foggy. This includes mood swings, depression, weakness, sleepiness, paranoia and missing time. By missing time I mean I do not always feel conscious while on the medication.

Example: I yelled at someone and suddenly became aware I was yelling for a most ridiculous reason. I'm not sure how long I had been yelling before becoming aware of myself. There have been many moments like these for me while on Claritin. I reduced to half the dosage and they rarely occur now.

When I do NOT take the Claritin I do NOT have these moments NOR the other symptoms but then my allergies are so bad it's unbearable.

I feel depressed and overwhelmed while using the Claritin and cry several times a week. My husband is quite aware of the mood swings and other changes but has been patient thankfully. I've read very few comments about regular Claritin and depression or mood swings and psychological changes but the few I read made me realize I may not be alone in this.

I tend to be extremely sensitive to medications needing to take children's dosages to avoid bad reactions. Even children's zyrtec makes me pass out within one hour of taking it. By pass out I don't mean I get up and go to bed. I mean I seriously begin falling towards the couch pillows without a choice and sleep for 10 hours.

Any related stories would be greatly appreciated. thank you!