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Claritin-D 24 Hour - could you test positive for methamphitamines in a drug test taking this?


eBandit 13 Aug 2012

YES It can on the simple tests they do on the spot. When sent to a lab it should show it was a false positive though. I looked it up and Claritin-D has Loratadine in it (and pseudoephedrine in it) BOTH can cause a false positive for amphetamines! Look it up, sites all over and doctors both say it will. I just had a false positive from Loratadine and next week when the results are in from the lab test it will show my positive was from Loratadine (Generic for DimeTapp, some sites mention both generic and brand name some only brand name)) not street drugs. But a good lab when sent out for real testing should show what it really was. Do not let anyone tell you you cannot get a false positive from this though. I assume they just did an instant test and not a lab? They need to send it out to a lab if not.

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suzanne66 6 July 2009

No. Claritin-d 24 hour is an ant-histamine, not an amphetamine.

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Inactive 6 July 2009

The reason I posted this question is that a race car driver was suspend for testing positive for methamphetamine and, said that all he took was Claritin-D or the 24 hr. stuff... I just wanted to get a opinioun on it!! He was let back in after a threat of a law suit... Thanks for answering!!!

ckod 28 Aug 2009

What about the D part of Claritin D , it's pseudoephadrine a decongestant?

suzanne66 28 Aug 2009

Yes, and a precursor to methamphetamine.

mGTZ 2 June 2010

wait, i dont understand, so what does that mean that claritin-D24hr WONT have a positive test result for methamphtamine, But Claritin-D CAN, possibly test positive for Methamphetamine?

Thats akward?
confused and suprised from TEXAS.

mGTZ 2 June 2010

and if so, what is ur opinion on loratadine tab ?

mGTZ 3 June 2010

oh okay well thankyou and so does that mean that the same thing happens with Loratadine?

suzanne66 3 June 2010

Loratadine is also an anti-histamine. It should not give a false positive for any drugs test.

mGTZ 3 June 2010

it shouldnt, but it could?
see this is scary,
i diddnt know that carried similar chemicals if thats what u can call it,

SuS5150 7 March 2011

hellOoo mGTZ~
Knowledge is power. If you feel confused, look up the words:
... THEN draw your own conclusions. I find by looking up meds/chemicals, I have a solid base to go on instead running in circles depending on others.
~ SuS

SuS5150 7 March 2011

One more thing quickly... "false positive" is confusing to some people ... in other words...
If you have a drug screening test done, Clartin D, and its ingredients may cause you to test positive for amphetamines. When infact, you only took a allergy medication... To avoid problems, I would wait till after the drug test, if you have a choice in the matter. If not, get ready to explain.

syndeemartinez 20 Nov 2017

I also came up at the hospital with amphetamine use because of the Claritin hospital told me to take it differently, how I take 1 a day? anyway I had to go thrsome loops to have it taken off of my records free discount card

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