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If you are taking suboxone daily, how long till you can pass a urine test specifically for suboxone?

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BRRMARS 22 Apr 2011

now i'm not a doctor but if your off of it for at least three days that should give you time for your kidneys to filter it out of your system. hope that helped a little, to find out for sure call a pharmacist and ask, it can be annoyomous and he can tell you.

LaurieShay 22 Apr 2011

Hey Crissy,

Suboxone contains the opiate buprenorphine which has a half life of approximately 30 hours. I would need to know the dosage you are taking to figure out the amount of time it will take to clear your system. Be aware it also depends on your metabolism: your weight, activity level, water consumption, for example.

I can speculate if you are taking as much as 16mgs a day then it will take approximately 120 hours to completely clear the system. So it can take as much as 6 to 7 days from the last dose. If you are taking less then this, then it will clear the system sooner.

Hope this helps,


Inactive 22 Apr 2011

Depends on the dose you are on, it can be from 11 to 24 days, according to the company that makes it. You could pass before that, but it depends also on your metabolism. It is a long acting opiate and at a dose of 16 mgs, we know it blocks opiates for 3 to 5 days, at lower doses, for less time.

112304 16 Mar 2014

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