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I am taking suboxone and my drug test came up positive for oxycodone and it is false why?

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ddog12 3 Feb 2012

It is not uncommon to have a false positive pop up from time to time.
It happens alot with all types of medications. Unfortionitly the tend to beleave the test revolts of a false positive untill proven to be unacurate !
Hope you can get it straightened out with out to much trouble. Your best bet would be to be tested again with more accurate testing !

Dumpster Diver 3 Feb 2012

This afternoon, my friend came over-fuming. He got a False/positive at his pain management. He offered to take another-he'd pay.He has severe
Hep C symptoms. Please follow 'thru, 'cuz those tests are frequently wrong.
Liver problems seem to lead to inacurate results.Hope this helps, my 1st comment.

Inactive 4 Feb 2012

Dear dumpser diver, excellent point my friend, excellent point. Bravo. I have a friend with hep c, he is on methadone, because of his damage liver and its non consistient functioning, sometimes his methadone makes him sound drunk and sometimes he doesn't get relief, and tht is due to the liver not processing it exactly the same. Patti

rvnew 6 Feb 2012

This exact, same situation came up with a friend of mine and a pain clinic. He was on suboxone from the clinic and tested twice for an opiate in his system and he doesn't take pills, he is strictly a heroine addict. Since it happened twice he had to try to figure out how it could have happened. What he came up with is that he had other pills mixed in the same bottle as his subs and got some residue from the other pills in his system. Maybe it sounds far fetched but he had no reason to lie to me because he didn't have to tell me in the first place. Hope this helps. rvnew free discount card

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