... and is the time different for urine and blood?

I took approximately 20mg of subutex (nasally)over a 7 day period to help ease the withdrawal from oxycodone. I started with a quarter the first morning and found that it lasted most of the day so I only took an eighth before bed. This worked great so after that I took an eighth in the morning and an eighth in the evening with outstanding results! Not only did I not feel like I was going to die, or wish that I would, but it also helped with the very real stabbing pain in my back which I've dealt with daily for the last 8 years. I continued to use smaller amounts and then stopped taking 4 days prior to seeing my doctor. Unfortunately, when I stopped taking the subutex the pain in my back became excruciating just as I remembered it prior to taking pain medication.

The problem is when going to see my doctor I am required to have oxycodone in my system or I will be terminated, so I took 2, 30mg oxy's one the night before and one the morning of the appointment. My doctor did a UA test and I came up positive for the oxy but also came up positive for the subutex. My doctor terminated me from his care for the subutex which he does not prescribe, and considers this a violation of his rules. I protested and said I did not know how it was possible to test positive for the subutex as I had not taken any ( I know I lied but did not know what else to say anyone who has been through withdrawal from oxy knows you will do almost anything to ease it ) and offered to take UA's for the next 6 months if he would please not terminate me from his care. He refused but offered to let me come back and take a blood test then he will make a decision. As with the UA tests (35$ea.) I know there will be a fee (no idea how much) I am struggling financially and don't want to waste money, or the doctors time, and possibly disappoint him again. Can anyone give me an accurate amount of time it takes for subutex to leave leave your blood system? I have found that their is a lot of speculation about this and many say it depends on the person, how much, and how long you use the subutex but this does not help me much. Please let me know as soon as possible as I only have a few days at most to make a decision. Thank you in advance for any solid advice in this matter.