I am 3 weeks almost 4 weeks post opp from a ankle surgery that was pretty extensive. They had to cut out 2 bone spurs and i still had a fracture in my medial malleolus that was trashing my deltoid ligament. (This had been going on for 11 years from a car accident that I was in and it was not fixed right at that time.) they cut the bone spurs out and cut the medial malleolus at the point of the fracture and drilled a pin through a bone so that they could reattach the deltoid ligament. I started having numbness in my toes about 7 days ago and they tried Gabapentin first and it has not worked so they switched me to Lyrica 75mg 2 times a day yesterday and said that it could take up to 2 weeks to start working. Is that true that it will talke that long,because I would really love to sleep in my bed again. Numbness has now also moved to my heal all of the time and is in my toes if my foot is not on the ground. Will it really take 2 weeks?