I had 3 back surgeries in 1 month due to disc herniation L4 L5 and narrowing of spinal canal where nerves travel. The first surgery wasn't successful they went back second time but during the surgery I got infected and was on antibiotics orally and also through pic line for 12 weeks. I've had chronic anemia almost all my life and recieve iron infusion. I was on hydromorph for a long time until I lowered my dose slowly because of vomiting and stomach upsets. My Dr than started me on pregabalin (generic type for lyrica) and baclofen ( muscle relaxant) and has gained 15 kg (33 lbs) in about two months. Mostly around my stomach. I was blaming the weight gain on being at bedrest for about four months now. After reading other people's stories on line I teard up specially with the ones that spoke about Lyrica causing Vitamin B6 deficiency and anemia. I have lower back pain and my left leg is numb from knee down with a bad burning sensation. I have to be in a lying down position most of the time because I can't stand on my feet for more than20 minutes and sitting for more than 10 minutes. My surgeon hasn't recommended any physio therapy yet and I'm sort of in doubt if it's ok that three months has passed since my last surgery was done. Can anyone with similar story give me some feedback? Thank you.