I am knew. Im a mom 0f 3 awesome boys. We are very active. I have always been an athlete. Discovered 6 years ago, I had fibromyalgia. My doc gave me on 10mg lortab for pain. I have been on them since. Of course, like many of you, I was addicted and needed more. The cost ws crazy, but we do anything to keep going. I had a 20 per day habit, plus if lortabs were not available i would take percs. Got divorced after 15 years of marriage and its been a nightmare. We have been divorced 1 1/2 years and he wants to lower support, so he is going to court and requesting a drug screen. Before I knew about the drug screen, a friend said I should try subs to get off lortab. I would take my lortabs, then take subs til next refill. Did that 4-5 times, but decided on 8/17 this had to be the last, because he requested the screen and I have no script. At this point, i had took 120 10mg lortab in 6 days, then been on subs 8mg or 4mg foor 3weeks. I had no choice but to stop. It is 8/29 and the withdrawals are terrible. How long will they continue. I cant handle much more, but I want to do this for me and my boys. Enough is enough. I want the meds out of my life, but its hard. Im scared because if my drug test comes back positive, he gets 60/40 custody or 50/50, depends how bad. I cant let that happen. My boys and I are tight. They are under all 3 under 12, and they are what makes me happy. I have to pass this drug test for suboxone and hydrocodone or my boys go with an idiot who want to pay less money, but really dont want to see the kids. He dont see them on days he could now. This is torture. I never knew withdrawals could be so bad or last so long. So, does anyone no how much longer withdrawals will last if last dose was 8mg on 8/17, and how long before it will show negative on a urine sub drug screen. I have heard about the half-life, but could someone be more accurate, so I will have an idea when to go take the test. My boys need me, and they need me clean. Im a fighter. I will suffer this pain for us, but I dont know how strong I will be if the test is positive, and he gets my boys. Someone, please help me get the most accurate information. Im 5'1 and 115lbs. Dont know body fat %. My metabolism is average. Last dose of sub 8mg was 8/17 after taking it for 3-4 weeks. So, how long would that amount stay in you and when would you advise I go get the screen done, so it will be negative. I will suffer this, just to pass that test, and be clean once again. Please-anyone-Im desparate. This cant be a guess, it needs to be pretty close. My family depends on it, and I cant find the information on that anywhere. Only how long it stays in the system. I have to know how long til its out to pass the drug screen. Thanks for listening, and I pray someone has the answer. God Bless You All. Its a long hard road. Thanks Help!!!