When other methods are unsuccessful. Other methods have been tried - corticosteroid injections and now they will attempt a nerve block. I just sent a message to my doctor to get the details regarding this. My insurance (MediCare/MediCal) limits things like acupuncture for pain management so I am concerned because my current pain management physician as well as my primary care physician do not want me to continue on morphine (60mg every 12 hours) and oxycodone (10mg twice per day) but, if the other methods are not successful I think I should be able to continue on these pain meds which do work. A friend of mine who is a pharmacist and also suffers from RA and has had extensive experience in the pain management arena confirmed the above as an acceptable thing to do but I am feeling unsure as to how to find, ie. what questions or what to say when I call looking for a pain management physician who is open to prescribing opoids on a long term basis for a patient when everything else has been tried.