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How does gabapentin affect your sex life ?

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SpineLady 26 Feb 2014

I don't know if you're male or female, but I took Gabapentin for over 5 years and still do when my nerve pain starts to flare up. I am female and in that time I never had nor have any issues with my sex life due to the Gabapentin. If you're on other meds, I'd look into them. I know a lot of the mental health medications list loss of or heightened sexual function could be a side effect of this medication.

cronic51 9 Mar 2014

I am 51 and have been taking gabapentin for 8years and haven't noticed any sexual side affects.

deecl 18 Mar 2015

I am an R.N. and I am also the wife of a man who takes this med for the past 5 years daily. This drug does affect males. I dont know about females but it does males.

kaismama 26 Feb 2014

Its never caused a problem for me.

bnagoh 26 Feb 2014

No problems and I have been taking gabapentin six years and my dose is 1800 mgs a day. Really helps my nerve pain and burning.

ElizaJane23 28 Feb 2014

It was horrible for me - no sex drive at all! But everybody's different and I was on other meds at the time also. I believe I was on 2400 mgs per day. Regards - EJ23

cjltrekker 1 Mar 2014

Took Gabapentin for ten years 2400MG a day. It didn't affect it at all. Male by the way.

AprilYoung0527 16 Nov 2016

Personally, Gabapentin seems to make my sex drive higher than normal. I am female by the way and I just got my prescription changed from one 600 mg pill every night to one 600 mg pill THREE times a day. Happy Happy Joy Joy... That's what my husband says

Bipolar1shell 18 Dec 2016

I have noticed a significant decrease in sexual interest or in my enjoying it to the fullest. Before Gabapentin I was VERY active and was called a "bully" when it came to my interest in sex. free discount card

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