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How does gabapentin affect your sex life ?

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SpineLady 26 Feb 2014

I don't know if you're male or female, but I took Gabapentin for over 5 years and still do when my nerve pain starts to flare up. I am female and in that time I never had nor have any issues with my sex life due to the Gabapentin. If you're on other meds, I'd look into them. I know a lot of the mental health medications list loss of or heightened sexual function could be a side effect of this medication.

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cronic51 9 Mar 2014

I am 51 and have been taking gabapentin for 8years and haven't noticed any sexual side affects.

deecl 18 Mar 2015

I am an R.N. and I am also the wife of a man who takes this med for the past 5 years daily. This drug does affect males. I dont know about females but it does males.

deecl 13 Jul 2017

I was the R.N. with the husband taking this above 3 years ago. Its still a problem and if you look at the side effects for it now. Its there. And the Viagra... the company gave it to him free. Doesn't care if he takes it and its like sleeping with a stranger.

captainscaveman 25 Aug 2017

I have not been able to sustain a erection while on gabepentin got for a couple of days start waking up with a erection

GeeMissE 29 Aug 2017

I am 62 and female who had a healthy appetite/desire for sex. June 2017 hormones tested and perimenapausal. Started taking the gabapentin about 1.5 months ago and ALL desire has left. No other changes in meds.

GeeMissE 29 Aug 2017

I am 62 and female who had a healthy appetite/desire for sex. June 2017 hormones tested and perimenapausal. Started taking the gabapentin about 1.5 months ago and ALL desire has left. No other changes in meds. I take 300 mg daily.

kaismama 26 Feb 2014

Its never caused a problem for me.

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bnagoh 26 Feb 2014

No problems and I have been taking gabapentin six years and my dose is 1800 mgs a day. Really helps my nerve pain and burning.

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Inactive 28 Feb 2014

It was horrible for me - no sex drive at all! But everybody's different and I was on other meds at the time also. I believe I was on 2400 mgs per day. Regards - EJ23

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cjltrekker 1 Mar 2014

Took Gabapentin for ten years 2400MG a day. It didn't affect it at all. Male by the way.

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AprilYoung0527 16 Nov 2016

Personally, Gabapentin seems to make my sex drive higher than normal. I am female by the way and I just got my prescription changed from one 600 mg pill every night to one 600 mg pill THREE times a day. Happy Happy Joy Joy... That's what my husband says

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ingee 1 Mar 2019

I had the same when I started gabapentin, it was quite noticeable, but it wore off after a while. I'm female.

Bipolar1shell 18 Dec 2016

I have noticed a significant decrease in sexual interest or in my enjoying it to the fullest. Before Gabapentin I was VERY active and was called a "bully" when it came to my interest in sex.

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Crazydiamond12 27 May 2017

My fionce is on pre gabs penton is this why he can't he get a hardon when trying to make love together??? Desperate patient xxxx

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Karenml 29 May 2017

Sildenafil prescription from dr. Is Same as viagra active ingredients but way cheaper! Works great for sexual disfunction. If he's young won't need as much. My old man takes 5 5mg pills 30 min before sex. It's very effective! I take gab and hydroxyzine prescri for anxiety and I'm still always horny. Lol god luck

BigJP1069 20 Sep 2017

I take 3200 mg of gabapentin every day. Along with ibuprofen, and methicarbomol. I have no sexual desire or drive???

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williep 21 Sep 2017

I am a 62 year-old male. I am a type 2 diabetic and I take Gabapentin for diabetic neuropathy and also as a psych med (bipolar type 1). For the past 2 years+ I have been anorgasmic. My endocrinologist thinks it is the Gabapentin, but the neuropathy probably contributed to it.

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Avake bell 9 Apr 2018

Dose gabapentin 600 mg effect your sex drive

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cindy-59 9 Apr 2018

When I first started Gabapentin I had a great sex life. I hadn’t been married very long and my husband and I were very good together. After awhile I noticed I didn’t have as much interest in sex and I wasn’t able to have an orgasm. I was divorced a few years ago and since then I have absolutely no interest in sex. I am almost done tapering off Gabapentin and I’m starting to have those feelings ‘down there’ again. Talk about feeling like a virgin again... that’s how I feel. I can’t wait to be off this drug and start my life again.

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Tprindle2 10 Nov 2018

I was taking 1300 per day. It gave me a couple hours of stamina. I got off it for a while. Now I'm back on 300 per day. It helps my issues. The sex has been much better for her for sure

Msanonomys 10 Aug 2018

I am in pre-menopause age 50 and had been struggling with orgasm but not with sex drive, very frustrating!
I have now been on gabapentin for about a month for a herniated disc in my neck that’s causing nerve pain down my arm and recently increased to two 300mg pills a day.
My orgasms have returned. So I’m very happy about this and was wondering if the gabapentin was helping is why I googled this topic and I’m shocked to see more of the opposite.
So I don’t know if it’s just a menopausal hormonal fluctuation or the drug but I hope it sticks around whatever it is!

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Nitro061 11 Aug 2018

I was on 2800 mg for about 3 months and noticed it as I could achieve and maintain an erection but I slowly noticed It was near impossible for my partners to get me to achieve climax.

I was dating at the time and chalked it up to nerves. Until I met my now ex fiancé, and just like over 1 week absolutely completely couldn’t get an erection at all.

I came off it for 3 days, which is not wise, and I confirmed it was helping me so much I went back on it and started getting free samples of Viagra and Cialis from my doctor because my health insurance wouldn’t cover it and it is absolutely insanely expensive.

Eventually moved on to other drugs and tried some gabapentin I had left over just to try it and 100mg and bam again.

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Bmarsh88 12 Dec 2018

I'm 30 year old guy... gabapentin makes me ridiculously horny...

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Dt27 11 Jan 2019

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