I really enjoy my sex life and am starting Effexor in a couple weeks. I read some sexual side effects from this drug and am concerned to exactly what people experience. I know everyone is different. By sharing experiences I will have a pretty good idea what to expect and maybe what to do to deal with it.

All my sexual life it takes me at a minimum a half hour and usually closer to an hour to cum. Sometimes I would stop as either my partner or me, sometimes both of us, were ready for a rest.

If this drug makes it harder for a male to cum I wonder if I will ever experience that while taking this drug. In reality, how long does a person really want to spend having sex. Especially the woman as I fear this will put a burden on her to want to satisfy me at the cost of her not enjoying it anymore.

I am moving to a different state to be with my woman and really do not want this drug to be an issue with our love life. I currently take Cymbalta 60 mg one time daily and Welbutrin SR 100 mg two times a day. My doctor told me to stop these two drugs when the Effexor arrives. I get it free from Pfizer thru their program for low income people.

Any comments from both men and women on the side effect with your sex life and any ideas what you did to overcome this will be greatly appreciated. I understand this is an awkward topic to discuss in a public forum. Anyone can post here without giving any personal information. And lets be honest. We all desire a healthy sexual life as it is a normal part of our makeup.

Thank you in advance for your help. :0)