Just some background: I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder (mainly social anxiety, moderate ocd) my freshman year in college and was put on Lexapro 20mg for about a year. It worked somewhat well but made me very lethargic and I always wondered if a different medication would be better. So I was put on Prozac 20mg for about 6 months, and then 40mg (which ended up being to much to I went down to 30mg), it worked well for me probably better than Lexapro, I had more energy and almost no anxiety, but then my increased dose came with some side effects. I felt numb, emotionless, lots of brain fog, very out of it, zombie-ish, somewhat dumber even. I also became lethargic again and my libido was almost nonexistent. But being reducing the dose didn't seem to change much.

Then my doctor put me on Effexor XR 32.5mg after I tapered off Prozac. which I took for about 3 weeks than went up to 75mg which I've been on for about 2 and a half weeks. My anxiety resurfaced as the Prozac was leaving my system, yet on the Effexor I hardly noticed a single side effect (except maybe occasional headache or trouble sleeping). Anyways starting the 2 weeks after I made the switch I've been feeling very anxious and tense. I've had low energy/drive, have been over-worrying, feeling very socially anxious, irritable, panicky, not wanting to talk to people, and lacking interest and most things. I've also noticed my ocd has resurfaced as well: constantly over-thinking things, obsessing over insignificant things, intrusive thoughts, etc.

Do I give it more time or ask to increase my dose?

I also ALWAYS obsess over the medication I'm on, and nit-pick all of its pros and cons and constantly questioning whether its the right (or even the perfect) medication for me and all my symptoms. I keep obsessing over finding the 'perfect' medication (which probably doesn't exist). I wish I could stop thinking about my anxiety and medication day-to-day, I wish I could find a medication and then just forget about it and just live. So tired of over-analyzing it. I'm not in therapy, I've only been to psychiatrists, so I'm considering that as well.

Lastly I've also been taking Dexedrine (they don't have Adderall in Australia where I'm currently abroad. I take 5-10mg about 3-4 days a week and figure that might be contributing to my anxiety. I've also been taking Xanax (which I'm not prescribed) 1-2mg randomly when I've been anxious.

Sorry lot of info, any info/thoughts/advice on my anxiety and my experience with Effexor would be much appreciated! Please give me so feedback and mainly: does this medication need more time or is a higher dose possibly needed?