She has this horrible itching problem, I do take her to the vet, they give her the green capsule antibiotic, steroids, and an antihistamine. she has a lump which when it was small, i had the vet look at it, and he said "It's common, nothing to worry about, leave it alone." Now it's the size of a large lemon. She never had a problem excessive itching before the lump, but they said it's not related. They want her to have blood work costing upwards of $300.00 (for complete), which is not easy. When I brought her the 1st time I paid $500.00. That was 3 years ago. but back to- I have 875mg amoxicillin. can she take this? as soon as taxes are in, going to different vet. she is 10 yrs. old and weighs around 65 lbs.