I have multiple symptoms going on. The most recent is like my body is on fire pins and needles in some extremities. I also have trouble swallowing and get heartburn. Had some bloodwork but said was okay. Was having chest pain and dr. Did a echo and echo stress test. He was horrible. He said i had a mitral valve prolapse and echo stress was good. My blood pressure was okay the last couple times I was in dr' s office. But diastolic was running in 90's earlier and also hit a hundred after going to ER due to chest pain. I get thirsty a lot with dry mouth and then after drinking lots of water will get chills goosebumps. Very weak with vision not the same with warm feeling behind them. I have a lot of cognitive and memory problems which have been getting worse. I do have depression and anxiety. So every dr. thinks your nuts and don't believe what you are saying. I feel like something is killing me from the inside. I don't know what other specific tests to ask for. I am feeling very desperate.