I have taken Lyrica starting at 75mg and now up to 150mg twice a day for just over a year now. I decided to try find a less expensive alternative and Gabapentin was recommended by a pharmacist. I am not a diabetic, but I've had spinal fusion twice, 10 years and 1year ago. Now I suffer with peripheral neuropathy and my right foot is basically crippled with Charcot foot. I've gone from playing tennis, running and biking 2 years ago to barely walking by myself.
I found that Lyrica seemed to help take away the "buzzing" in my right leg and foot so I could sleep at night, but is soooo expensive (now that the deductibles have to be met again). I haven't had the weight gain problem that others mention, but I do think it makes me more tired and off balance a bit. I have tried Gabapentin for the last tword days and am finding it not working at the low dose the doctor has me on... just 300my once a day. I have upped it to 3xs a day because I was hurting so badly. I keep waking get up in the night sweating and then not, and my right leg is "buzzing" again.
Any advice for me?? I hate being in pain, but I HATE taking pills. I am 51 and wanted to do so much more... it sucks getting old! Should I just keep taking the Lyrica, or should I give the Gabapentin longer to work? Does it take a while to get into the system? Can I take lyrica and gabapentin alternating ... one during the day and Lyrica at bedtime, I often have to add taking an Ibuprofen 400-800mg to help with the pain in my back and right leg. Any thoughts??