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Which pill is better for someone suffering neuropathy? Gabapentin or Lyrica?

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Nonna U 26 Jan 2022

Lyrica. Generic gab spent in did not work for me. Caveat: you will gain weight like crazy on Lyrica. I can’t address that issue with gab spent in but I’d bet it does the same thing.

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leesten 13 Dec 2020

I have been suffering from peripheral neuropathy for years and have tried lyrica, gabapentin, narcotics, etc... Metanx (or EB-N5) helped a little, they are prescription foods not drugs with little to no side effects. I am now in the process of doing CET. I am only one week in so I cannot say if it is effective yet or not, but everything I have read thus far is positive with no negative side effects.

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Tacdmia 13 Dec 2020

Lyrica didn't cut my nerve pain in fact it caused me pain (unsure if the dose H was too low). M now on gabapentin at 3200 mg per day. It makes me lose balance and fall, I have had diarrhea and bowel incontinence for two months now, and my toenails are so thick it's like I'm a bear!But anything is better than a horrible nerve pain I was suffering. As far as I know there is not much I asked for nerve pain.

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Nandools9-8-1-4-0 2 Dec 2020

They each have different factors what they are good for talk to your doctor 1St very important I just started gabapentin 1 week ago but I have lyrica too not sure which one to take

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Marsha13m 17 March 2018

I like the gabapentin , I have a 100% nerve damage all over my body. It helps me control it . The lyrics made me have mind lapses . I would forget driving places or walking into a room. I felt that was very unsafe for me .

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Sandra Heyneman 17 March 2018

I was on amitriptyline for years and it helped quite a bit.{it’s inexpensive and less side effects) The last 2 years I cleaned up my diet by eating whole organic foods and lost some weight. I weaned myself off all meds and feel so much better. Clean up your diet, lose weight (if you are overweight) exercise daily, get proper sleep and manage your stress. A spiritual component of meditation, prayer is crucial too. Our bodies were created to self heal but we have to take care of them properly. We have been conned by the pharmaceutical companies and I’m done. Drugs lead to terrible side effects which result in Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer down the road. Don’t fall for the drug con!

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sandynx820 17 March 2018

I have to agree with you Sandra! I tried Lyrica, Cymbalta with horrible side effects and then switched to Gabapentin. For FM and Spinal arthritis/stenosis. Started with 300mg 3 times a day. Was so dizzy and sleepy I would have to pull into a public parking lot on my 40 minute drive to work so I could take a nap before continuing! I wanted to quit the Gaba, but my Dr. promised it would get better. I stayed on it for 6 years, every year upping the dosagage until I was up to over 2000 mgs a day. I was tired, off balance, dizzy, but worse of all, I gained 50 pounds and had trouble "finding my words". I felt mentally foggy. So I weaned myself off (it took a couple months with the worse insomnea ever) and totally changed my diet a year ago and started a walking program every day. I can't say that I am pain free now, but I do feel more alert and am nowhere near as stiff and achy as before, and I have lost 40 pounds.

Czimmer54 17 March 2018

After taking Lyrica and Gabapentin, I’m still not sure if I’d recommend one over the other. We all have our own form of Neuropathy, I may have more or less pain than someone else. Both cause many side effects. So my advise is try both.

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0023 2 Aug 2017

Gabapentin is what I take now... 3600mg a day... it is the only one that I can handle the side effects... dizzy/unbalanced/drowsy
Cymbalta made me very sick...
Lyrica was unbearable...
gabapentin works but I still have flare ups in my feet and hands and sometimes I can barely walk from the pain while I am on it...
I have been searching for a solution to not be able to take any of these, but the thought of being in more discomfort keeps me on the gabeeeez

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linda lapointe 19 June 2017

I take gabapentin. But, what I have found that works better than drugs is diet. I have removed dairy, gluten and many other food items. I consume only organic. Then I just started eliminating food items until I found that the pain has substantially lessened. If I eat the wrong thing, I do pay for it with pain. The diet has not completely stopped the pain of neuropathy, but it has substantially lowered it. Give it a try, it is a cheap and easy.
Good luck, Linda

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sandynx820 19 June 2017

I have to agree with linda Lapointe on this one! Was on gabapentin for 8 years... started 300 mg 3X a day ... then dose increased every year or two until I was taking 600+ 3X a day and still needed to increase it as it stopped working... New doctor helped me wean off of it... (horrible withdrawal for several months (not sleeping and pain, etc.) started watching my diet... cut most carbs and artificial ingredients and started taking turmeric each day. I have lost 40 pounds, (I had gained 60 since beginning gabapentin) and although I am not exactly pain free, I am less groggy, less dizzy, and much more mentally clear! I will never go back on this med.

youhou202 6 May 2017

I have neuropathy pain in my feet. I asked my doctor to try Lyrica. The insurance company said try gabapentin. It just made me sleepy. I then tried Lyrica which made me sleepy and fat. Neither helped me with the pain so I'm back on narcotics. I'm in a study at Mayo testing a scrambler unit. It helped. I'm ready to start cutting back on the narcotics. The scrambler didn't cure the pain but seems to make it less severe and for shorter periods.

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Marjor 18 Jan 2017

Everyone's experience on these two medications will be different depending on dose, drug interactions, their own biology, and reason they are in them. That being said, mine was for severe nerve pain in my neck after all other treatments and meds did not help. For me, 400 mg 3 times a day of gabapentin did not phase it... But Lyrica's side effects after a year of use at 75 mg twice daily.. of worsening depression with suicidal ideations was enough to get me off of it. But now, I'm back on gabapentin at 400 mg at bedtime..for problems that I think the Lyrica caused. (My skin is very hypersensitive to just my clothes as they feel like fiberglass not due to anything we can find) AND..I cannot believe I was ever able to tolerate as much gabapentin as I did before. It makes me very sleepy just at that dose. Thus, I can see why it can affect memory and speech with some people. Good luck! I do not endorse Lyrica.. too many risks for ME!

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cimbobimbo 17 Jan 2017

Lyrica doesn't do much for me... gab. helps with sleep... makes me drowsy in the day... I have brain fog and forget words anyway so is just the same for me ... doesn't do much for pain but stops rls and seizures which for me is great.

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popeye4321 17 Jan 2017

I have severe tingling and pain in my feet, and my hands at night. My doctor put me on gabapentin, and we raised the amount gradually. I was taking the upper limits of doses, and still had some pain. She added a smaller dose of amitriptyline to be taken only at night. I take the gabapentin a couple of times a day. Once in the early evening, and once about four to six hours later. It works well. I was trying to take the gabapentin only at night too, but it did not work as well as when I took the early evening dose with it.

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AspenNicole 24 Dec 2016

For each individual these meds work.differently..For me Gabapentin didn't do anything for my PN, widespread.Now, Lyrica, that is covered by Medicaid and Medicare, work wonders, I take 75mg 3x daily, with.1 Diclofenac sodium50mg... For appetite suppressant I take Diethylpropion ER, with these drugs, weight gain possible, you just have to train your mind to eat only when your hungry. I pray this is helpful. I have peripheral nerve neuropathy newly,and it has been a suffering struggle. Keep believing that God will heal you, and if you don't believe in God, just follow medical guidelines.

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beffa 10 Dec 2016

They have tried Gabapentin in trial studies at doses up to 3600mg per day. I used to take Neurontin for my Fibro pain and also had to keep raising the dose. At the max dosage it stopped working for me so I switched to Lyrica and have been on it for five years or so. It didnt make me gain weight but did help with the pain. Both Lyrica and Gabapentin are in the anti-convulsive class of drugs. They both work for nerve pain. I don't know why you'd be on two anti-convulsive medication tho and thats a question for your dr. With the Lyrica, I also had to increase the dose. I take 150 mg three times a day but am nowhere near the max dose. You need to listen to your body and do what works! Best of luck to you!

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