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User Reviews for Alesse

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Reviews for Alesse to treat Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

"second bc pill i've tried, first one had headaches and double vision since i've started Alesse i have had a swollen ankle and leg pain, so today was my last dose and off to my doctor again used to be on bc pills for years with no problems"


notforme August 15, 2015

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"This has been a complete nightmare. I always have been sensitive to hormonal birth control methods, so that is why my doctor prescribed Alesse. First month was fine. I was constantly hungry and my boobs hurt, but it was manageable. Now, I barely finished the second pack and I have to stop because of my moods. I gained at least 5 pounds. I'm always hungry. My breasts hurt like anything. I had 2 weeks of breakthrough bleeding. The cherry on top of the cake : A yeast infection! Yay! So no more poison for me. Never again."


Anonymous June 17, 2015

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"I've been using Alesse 28 for a little over a year now and it's my first birth control pill! I use it mainly for period regulation since my period wouldn't come 6 months at a time and for birth control (10/10 effective when used properly). When I first started taking Alesse, my abdominal region felt a bit uncomfortable, but within a matter of about 2 weeks it went away. Some symptoms I've taken notice of was the mild mood swings I'd have once in a while and a little bit of dizziness. Now, the abdominal pain and dizziness I seem to have experienced a year ago has subsided, but the mild mood swings are still apparent and prevalent. I have no consistent weight loss or weight gain, acne, hair loss or hair growth, or loss of a sex drive."


Sandpie January 22, 2014

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"My wife was always getting abnormal, heavy periods with pain, went to many doctors everyone had their own views, been through many types of ultrasounds, physical exams, blood tests, but no use and no one was able to diagnose problem until she was prescribed to take birth control pill 'Alesse'. Had few problems with the side effects in the beginning and after the first cycle, but its getting a lot better now except for little mode swings. She is not bleeding anymore and all those unknown cramps and whatnot are gone. I guess every contraceptive pill is not for everyone, if one does not suit you then try some other type. These reviews helps a lot, please keep sharing. "


Shallow (taken for 1 to 6 months) June 27, 2013

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"I started taking this medicine in the beginning of Nov.2011, mainly to reduce my hormonal acne and to regulate my period. At the end of that same month, I got my period and surprisingly the cramps were not severe. In fact, I had never had such a peaceful period in a long time. Since then, my periods have been painless. :) Mid December, I noticed that the severity of my acne had diminished and my skin had started to clear. End of Jan. 2012, I got 5 painful cysts on my face. I was extremely upset, but I decided to be patient and stick with it. My patience paid off. It is end of February 2012 and my face looks way better. I haven't had any cysts since then. As for the side effects, just nausea when medicine is taken on an empty stomach. I LOVE IT."


Zapat February 26, 2012

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