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Fatal-Plus Solution

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Vortech

For Animals of All Species


For fast and humane euthanasia FATAL-PLUS contains pentobarbital sodium as the active ingredient. Solution is dyed blue and labeled for easy identification or isolation. All vials are silk screen labeled to prevent smudging or peeling.


Pentobarbital Sodium

390 mg/ml.

Propylene Glycol

0.01 mg/ml

Ethyl Alcohol

0.29 mg/ml

Benzyl Alcohol (preservative)

0.2 mg/ml

Colour Added For Identification.



Produces classic euthanasia by sequentially depressing the cerebral cortex, the lungs and the heart. Action on target organs gives humane euthanasia of unparalleled speed, effectiveness and specificity. Instant unconsciousness is induced with simultaneous collapse of the animal. Deep pentobarbital anesthesia ensues with blood pressure fall, stoppage of breathing and cerebral death. Cardiac function stops, quickly and irreversibly.

Fatal-Plus Solution Indications:

For fast and humane euthanasia of all animals regardless of species.

Fatal-Plus Solution Dosage And Administration:

As an average guide, the volume of FATAL-PLUS required for euthanasia is 1 ml. of solution per 10 lbs of body weight of the animal. Intravenous injection is preferred. The calculated dosage should be given in a single injection. An uninterrupted injection is the most comfortable for the animal. For intravenous injection a needle of suitable gauge to insure intravenous placement of the entire dose should be used. Intraperitoneal or intracardiac injection may be made when intravenous injection is impractical, as in very small or comatose animals with impaired vascular functions. Good injection skill is necessary for intracardiac injection.


Euthanasia may sometimes be delayed in animals with severe cardiac or circulatory deficiencies. This may be explained by the impaired movement of the drug to the site of action. When restraint may cause the animal pain, injury or anxiety, or cause danger to the person making the injection, prior use of tranquilizing drugs may be necessary.

Fatal-Plus Solution Caution:

Caution should be exercised to avoid contact of the drug with open wounds or accidental self-inflicted injections. In case of occurrence wash the contact area thoroughly with soap and water. Keep out of reach of children. For additional information consult the FATAL-PLUS M.S.D.S.


For euthanasia only. Must not be used for therapeutic purposes. Do not use in animals intended for food.

ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARD: This product is toxic to wildlife. Birds and mammals feeding on treated animals may be killed. Euthanized animals must be properly disposed of by deep burial, incineration, or other method in compliance with state and local laws, to prevent consumption of carcass material by scavenging wildlife.

How Supplied

250 ml. multiple dose screw cap vial, packed 12 vials per case. DEA Form No. 222 required to purchase.


Product No.

N.D.C. No.


V.P.L. 9373


Fatal-Plus Solution Caution:

Federal (USA) law restricts this drug for use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.

This product comes reconstituted.


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