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How do you take Krintafel?

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Aug 3, 2023.

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The recommended dose of Krintafel for malaria in patients aged 16 years and older is 300mg ( two 150mg tablets) taken orally once as a single dose.

Krintafel is used for treatment of malaria:

What type of malaria does Krintafel treat?

Krintafel (tafenoquine) is an 8-aminoquinoline derivative antimalarial approved by the FDA in July 2018 for the radical cure (prevention of relapse) of Plasmodium vivax malaria in patients 16 years and older who are receiving appropriate antimalarial therapy for acute P. vivax infection.

  • Your doctor will test you for G6PD deficiency before you start taking Krintafel.
  • You will take Krintafel on the first or second day of your treatment with the antimalarial medicine prescribed by your doctor.
  • Take Krintafel tablets with food to help the medicine absorb into your body.
  • Swallow the tablets whole. Do not break, crush, or chew the tablets.
  • If you vomit within one hour of taking Krintafel, call your doctor as you may need to take a second dose.

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