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Does injecting Emgality cause a reaction?

Medically reviewed by Carmen Fookes, BPharm. Last updated on Nov 15, 2021.

Official answer


Injection site reactions are the most common side effect of Emgality, affecting around 18% of people. People have reported feeling pain or itching at the injection site, or other symptoms such as mild or temporary redness, bruising, or swelling,

Emgality injections can hurt and some people appear to experience excessive amounts of pain with Emgality and other CGRP inhibitors, according to postings on blog sites. Some liken the shot to a bee made of lead traveling at 100mph, and punching you with its stinger or describe the pain as horrific.

How can you make Emgality injections less painful?

Helpful tips to make Emgality injections less painful include:

  • Taking Emgality out of the refrigerator 30 minutes before administering, to allow it to warm up to room temperature
  • Placing an ice bag on the injection site for a few minutes before administering Emgality
  • Not injecting Emgality into areas of skin that are bruised, red, hard, or covered with a rash
  • Administering Emgality into the butt area, high up almost to the level of the hips
  • Changing the area of skin you inject Emgality into each month.

Where in the thigh do you inject Emgality?

If you are injecting Emgality into your thigh, inject it into the front of your thighs at least 2 inches above the knee and 2 inches below the groin. Another person may give you the injection in the back of your upper arm, or buttocks.

What are the side effects of the Emgality shot?

The most common side effect reported with Emgality in clinical trials was injection site reactions. These occurred in 18% of people and included symptoms such as pain, redness, swelling, or itching around the injection site. Other side effects reported in 1% to 10% of people include:

  • Constipation
  • Hives (urticaria) or a rash
  • Skin itch
  • Weight gain
  • Vertigo or dizziness.
  • Other gastrointestinal effects (such as bloating), anti-drug antibodies, and hypersensitivity reactions have also been reported.
  • Emgality (galcanezumab) Updated 09/2020. Eli Lilly and Company.

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