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Miscellaneous cardiovascular agents

What are Miscellaneous cardiovascular agents

Miscellaneous cardiovascular agents are drugs, which are used to treat conditions of the heart, or the circulatory or vascular system. Many classes of cardiovascular agents are available to treat the various cardiovascular conditions. They may work by different mechanisms and one agent may be used to treat several types of cardiovascular problems.

List of Miscellaneous cardiovascular agents:

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Drug NameView by: Brand | Generic Reviews Avg. Ratings
Corlanor (Pro, More...)
generic name: ivabradine
1 review
Orvaten (Pro, More...)
generic name: midodrine
1 review
ProAmatine (Pro, More...)
generic name: midodrine
7 reviews
Pletal (Pro, More...)
generic name: cilostazol
3 reviews
Firazyr (Pro, More...)
generic name: icatibant
4 reviews
Demser (Pro, More...)
generic name: metyrosine
0 reviewsAdd rating
Dibenzyline (Pro, More...)
generic name: phenoxybenzamine
0 reviewsAdd rating
Endrate (More...)
generic name: edetate disodium (edta)
0 reviewsAdd rating
OraVerse (Pro, More...)
generic name: phentolamine
0 reviewsAdd rating
Regitine (Pro, More...)
generic name: phentolamine
0 reviewsAdd rating