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Jelmyto Dosage

Generic name: MITOMYCIN 40mg;
Dosage form: kit, solution, hydrogel
Drug class: Antibiotics / antineoplastics

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Dec 29, 2021.

Important Administration Instructions

See the Instructions for Administration provided separately.

JELMYTO is for pyelocalyceal use only. JELMYTO is not for intravenous use, topical use, or oral administration. Prior to every instillation, instruct the patient to take 1.3 g of sodium bicarbonate orally the evening prior to, the morning of, and 30 minutes prior to the instillation procedure (total of 3.9 g).

General anesthesia, local anesthesia, sedation, prophylactic antibiotics and/or antihistamines may be used at the discretion of the treating urologist. If the patient is to be anesthetized, advise the patient not to take sodium bicarbonate within 30 minutes prior to the treatment.

Consider withholding diuretics one day prior to instillation until 4 hours post-instillation.

When instilling JELMYTO, the entire syringe must be emptied within one minute.

Advise patients that JELMYTO may discolor urine to a violet to blue color following the instillation procedure. Advise patients to avoid contact with urine for at least six hours post-instillation, to void urine sitting on a toilet, and to flush the toilet several times after use.

Recommended Dosage

The dose of JELMYTO to be instilled is 4 mg per mL via ureteral catheter or a nephrostomy tube, with total instillation volume based on volumetric measurements using pyelography, not to exceed 15 mL (60 mg of mitomycin).

Instill JELMYTO once weekly for six weeks. For patients with a complete response 3 months after JELMYTO initiation, JELMYTO instillations may be administered once a month for a maximum of 11 additional instillations.

Preparation and Handling

See the Instructions for Pharmacy for preparation provided separately.

JELMYTO is a cytotoxic drug. Follow applicable special handling and disposal procedures. 1

JELMYTO must be prepared under chilled conditions. Once reconstituted , the admixture will have a concentration of 4 mg of mitomycin per mL and will appear as a viscous liquid for instillation. Reconstituted JELMYTO has reverse thermal properties with a gelation point of approximately 19°C (66°F). Reconstituted JELMYTO should be instilled as soon as possible after reconstitution. If immediate instillation is not possible, store reconstituted JELMYTO at 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F) for up to 8 hours. JELMYTO will appear as a semisolid gel when stored under these conditions. Protect reconstituted JELMYTO from light.

JELMYTO must be instilled as a chilled solution using a Uroject12 Lever, a Luer Lock syringe, and a ureteral catheter with molded Luer Lock connector. Once chilled at -3°C to 5°C (27°F to 41°F), JELMYTO will convert to a viscous liquid for instillation and is stable for up to 1 additional hour. Reconstituted JELMYTO must be instilled within 1 hour after it is converted to a viscous liquid.

Further information

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