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Pyrithione zinc topical User Reviews & Ratings

Brand names: Head & Shoulders, Zincon, DHS Zinc, Neutrogena T/Gel Daily Control, Selsun Blue Conditioner, Head & Shoulders Men Advanced, Head & Shoulders Old Spice, Selsun Blue Itchy Dry Scalp, Selsun Blue Sensitive Scalp, Selsun Blue Full & Thick, Beta Med, Aveeno Nourish + Dandruff Control, Pert Shampoo and Conditioner, Vanicream Z-Bar, ZNP Bar, Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp, Theraplex Z Dermazinc DermaZinc Shampoo …show all brand names

Pyrithione zinc topical has an average rating of 5.5 out of 10 from a total of 5 reviews on 50% of reviewers reported a positive experience, while 50% reported a negative experience.

  • AFRIE...
  • February 16, 2008

For Dandruff "As I snapped closed the lid to the dandruff shampoo which contained Pyrithione Zinc, the shampoo that was under the cap had shut directly in my eye causing immediate burning. I tried rinsing and rinsing a,but it was so hard to get my eye open. Once I took out my contact lense, the burning intensified. I went to bed that evening and awoke 2 hours later with severe pain,eye was swollen and closed shut with puss. I went to the emergency room & was told I had a chemical burn."

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  • Angel...
  • Taken for 10 years or more
  • January 25, 2014

DermaZinc Shampoo (pyrithione zinc) for Seborrheic Dermatitis "I lived with this condition years before I found DermaZinc shampoo. I tried everything. NOTHING ever helped, except a large shot of some kind of cortisone at a dermatologists office. That helped for a few weeks. 4 to 6 at most. DermaZinc worked well for me the first time. Like a miracle. I use it once to twice a week and have no breakthrough. My only complaint is it is very drying and you have to use a conditioner. My scalp is sensitive to most and will break out due to dyes or scent. When I first found it there was also a conditioner, which is no longer available, ALa Scalp I think. It was wonderful. Now I use as natural a conditioner as I can find like Burt's Bee's and try not to get much on scalp and rinse well. A bottle lasts 6months."

10 / 10
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  • Healthy...
  • Taken for less than 1 month
  • April 5, 2020

For Dandruff "I get a lot of zinc in my diet due to eating garlic or onions with legumes. So possibly as a result, I'm one that had a reaction to using a conditioner with the chemical at 0.5%. Maybe a half hour or after I used it, skin would start oozing liquid, and would keep going until it dried up and made an awful flaky mess. It caused normal winter low dandruff into shedding flakes constantly. Taking about a month to clear up after use, having heavy flaking the whole while, while skin heals from the irritation. If you use the product in the shower and some skin on your body starts to ooze liquid, discontinue use. Anywhere where the product flows can be aggravated, and you can have heavy wetness and crusting that's a pain to live with. There are parts on your body that will likely have an adverse reaction before your scalp does. So skin wetness is the first warning sign I wish I knew immediately, was because of the product for my scalp."

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  • The...
  • February 6, 2014

For Dandruff "I grabbed a "Fresh Mint" bottle by Top Care in the store because it looks similar to Head & Shoulders. If you have ever used Burt's Bees lip balm, and liked the feel of that, just think: this stuff is like Burt's Bees on your head! Long story short, even without any scalp condition, I have found that this is invigorating. Definitely try it."

9 / 10
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  • Tano
  • Taken for 5 to 10 years
  • July 24, 2021

For Seborrheic Dermatitis "I tried using a shampoo containing pyrithione zinc for multiple years to try and treat my Seborrheic Dermatitis. Over that time it did very little to reduce the excessive skin flaking that was taking place all over my scalp and face. I stopped using pyrithione zinc and decided to give ketoconazole shampoo a try instead and what a difference it has been! Within a few weeks, my skin has stopped flaking almost entirely. Would definitely recommend using ketoconazole instead of pyrithione zinc."

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